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The Best Time To Compare Homeowners Insurance Rates

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New home buyers tend to have a lot on their collective plates just before going to closing, and as a result may not always get the lowest homeowners insurance premiums available. After getting settled in and conferring with neighbors, some are shocked when they learn that they are paying much more for home insurance than those around them. Before you run out to compare homeowner insurance quotes, find out when and how you can lock in the lowest rates on the market.

When You Get A New Job

If you are planning to change jobs soon, make sure that you ask about homeowners insurance discounts that are available to employees. Although you will likely choose your new employer based on a number of factors, saving money on insurance can be a very attractive incentive.

When Improve Security

Making simple changes to your home for the sake of convenient can also serve as a method of improving security. Many newer home security systems offer features that allow homeowners to see when packages are delivered and allow them to lock and unlock doors remotely. Consider putting up a security fence to define your property line as well as reduce your homeowner insurance costs.

When You See A Boost In Your Credit Score

Although homeowners can see a major fluctuation in their credit scores, home insurance rates are traditionally lower for those with better credit histories. It may take you several months in order to make a noticeable change to your credit rating, but you can enjoy nearly instant savings on your homeowners insurance rates when you compare quotes after experiencing a credit increase.

When The Neighborhood Becomes Safer

Even those living in affluent neighborhoods can experience sudden spikes in criminal activity due to a burglar on the prowl, or because of a single rowdy neighbor. Vandalism rates also tend to increase during the summer when kids are out of school.

Stay abreast of reports of burglaries in your neighborhood and wait until any surges in criminal activity have leveled off to do a homeowners insurance rate comparison. You may be rewarded for your patience when you receive a quote that is lower than your current home insurance rate.

Homeowners insurance premiums can also be reduced by paying higher deductibles. You can request a rate comparison soon after your home has been appraised, but ultimately the best way to save money on home insurance is by being proactive. Talk to a professional for more about this topic.