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Reasons Why Someone Would Need SR22 Insurance Coverage

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SR22 insurance coverage is a certificate of proof that you're meeting your area's insurance liability requirements. You may need to get it for a couple of reasons.

Pulled Over for Not Having Insurance

In a lot of states, you're legally required to have some form of auto insurance. It helps protect you and others in case you're involved in an accident on the road. If you ever get pulled over and ticketed for not having auto insurance, you may be asked to file an SR22 insurance form.

Then you can prove without a doubt you're insured and thus have coverage for when certain events come up. Once approved, you'll be given a slip that verifies this SR22 insurance status. Make sure you always keep it in your vehicle just like you would do with traditional auto insurance.

Intoxicated Driving

There are strict rules in place for intoxicated driving. It's a serious offense and part of the required steps for not having your license suspended may be to seek an SR22 insurance coverage form. You are now considered a liability and have to show proof of this form in order to comply with your state's insurance requirements.

You may have to carry an SR22 insurance certificate for several years, but it will still let you drive even after getting pulled over for a DUI or DWI. Just make sure you get this form before proceeding to drive again in your state or any other.

Multiple Tickets in a Short Period of Time

It's not out of the question to get ticketed for some type of driving offense. However, if you receive multiple tickets in a short period of time, you may have to apply for an SR22 insurance certificate. This isn't hard to do, but it's an important step for continuing to drive despite your numerous traffic violations.

What you need to do now is try to avoid future violations and comply with the terms of your SR22 insurance certificate. You can find these when you first apply or talk to your insurance provider about them. They should know if they deal with this type of insurance certificate.

If you make mistakes as a motorist, then you may be asked to file an SR22 insurance certificate. You just need to look at your driving situation and see if it warrants this certificate or not. If it does, make sure you apply for it right away and honor it moving forward.