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Ways to Judge Safety Before Buying a New Car

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If you're looking for a safe new car, then there are a few things that you can look at to judge the road-worthiness of a car. Here are four things to check before you buy. 

Does It Have Crash-Avoidance Technology?

One of the best things about buying a new car model is that many of the newest cars include advanced crash-avoidance technology. These may include sensors that alert you when you're coming too close to another object. Some cars include a safety brake that will automatically decelerate when it detects that you are approaching another object. Your car may also come equipped with cameras in the front and back. These can help you to reverse out of a parking spot more safely. Side cameras can also help to detect when you're veering out of your lane. 

Does It Have a Good Bumper?

Another thing to think about is the quality of the bumper. A good bumper will keep your expenses low in fender benders, helping to protect the more expensive parts of your car. Good ratings in low-impact crash tests indicate a good bumper on the vehicle. 

What Is the Average Insurance Loss?

You may also want to do some research to find out what the average insurance loss is on claims against the make and model of your potential new car. You may be able to dig up the types of damage that are most common in collisions too; this can help you determine whether the care was built to withstand impact. 

What Is Its Safety Rating?

The safety rating of a car is a comprehensive measure of its safety features. The safety rating will take into account crash ratings in both low-speed and high-speed impact situations. Checking the safety ratings before you purchase a car will give you an overall impression of how much risk you take when driving the car. It can also give you a preview of your insurance rates, since many auto-insurance companies look at crash ratings when they are determining their insurance premiums for a particular make or model. 

As you can see, there are many ways to evaluate safety when you're contemplating a car purchase. Your car dealership may be able to provide you with additional details and specifications on each car, and a great dealer will be able to steer you towards models with the safety features that you're looking for. In addition, good auto-maintenance insurance coverage from a company like NWVA will help you protect your new car purchase by allowing you to fix any maintenance issues before they become road and safety hazards.